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Tomboy 0.1.0 preview



I just uploaded tomboy 0.1.0 in launchpad.

For now its read only, it has minor problems but I think its polished enough
for wider testing.

I never tested the installation process I wrote on a real device so if
someone can review it that would be nice. The application is signed using my
own private key so it can't screw up with your phone and uninstalling is
very easy.

Anyway, if you want, have a look: https://launchpad.net/tomdroid/1.0/0.1

I plan to do an announce and post screenshots on my blog and announce to
tomboy-announce and tomboy-list later this week.

p.s.: the apps might ask for network access permission but it won't use the
network unless you use the "Load Note from the Web" feature
Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>