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Tomboy 0.16 Planning Meeting


Tomboy folks!

Let's get our butts in gear for the upcoming cycle!  It's time to get
together like we do every six months, and plan out what new awesome
will become Tomboy 0.16.0.

Here are a few of the topics I'd like to discuss:
* Automatic synchronization
* Faster startup, less memory usage
* Better OS X experience
* Brainstorming for how Tomboy should fit into gnome-shell
* A new project to have easy synchronization to a Tomboy online service!
* Tomdroid, and how to have the best sync story to have Tomboy notes on your G1
* Tomboy website revamp
* Your awesome ideas!

What would be really great is if a few people would volunteer to dive
into new things like gnome-shell, the website, OS X integration, etc.

I am proposing the following time for the meeting, but am open to
other suggestions:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 19:30 UTC

What do you guys think?  That's right in the middle of my work day, so
I can easily go +/- a few hours, shift to a different day, etc.  Let's
try to get a consensus by Saturday!

If somebody wants to start a wiki page based off of this template, it
would be super helpful:

Looking forward to a fast-paced cycle,

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