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Re: Tomboy 0.1.0 preview


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Hi Olivier,

I looked at your Tomdroid apk on my ADP1 device after copying over all
(that's a lot ;-)) of my gnome Tomboy 0.10.2 notes.

I have many big remarks that should give you enough feedback for a
- Not doing the Android lifecycle mgmt. is quite a big flaw for me.
Porting really doesn't suffice. To become really workable and usable you
will need to follow the Android way. There's really no excuse for this.
It just means your app will go crashing a whole lot if used together
with other apps (or in any real situation).
- For the About box in your app I invite you to use OI About from
http://www.openintents.org instead. This gives you something very
similar to the gtk about box and above all something shared between
- Loading the notes list (the initial screen) takes a bit of time,
probably due to the amount of notes that need to be read. You could
start displaying a note's title as soon as it is loaded. See the Shelves
example. The same goes for loading long notes in the notes view.
- The notes list window deviates a little bit from the Android standard
in terms of gui. The height of the items is variable (a single line is
too small for my fingers). Only the text on a line is clickable.
- The choice of text fonts and widths is ok though. The notes are
readable. I love the app icon. You are on the right track, just a bit
more of Android.
- In a note the linkify differs from the linkify in Tomboy. For instance
a link containing a " &"("<space><ampersand>") was not entirely blue and
underlined (broken up in 2 links except for the " &" part). Is the
recognition of note titles in a note body different than in Tomboy? The
new second link still appeared to point to a valid title. But that title
was also not entirely blue and contained an "&".
- Pressing menu button goes back when viewing a note. I was expecting
options to edit a note there, or even better I was expecting to edit
right away (as in the Notepad sample).
- Notebook templates from Tomboy are treated as notes.
- It seems you also use the linkify functionality of Android. It would
be welcome if that would differ from the Tomboy wiki links in color. For
instance dates are wrongly recognised as telephone numbers (that's and
Android issue: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=1708).

But all in all the basics are there. It's nice to work with and it's
really fantastic that you succeeded in recreating the Tomboy experience
on Android.

Don't worry about the installation procedure, it's typical. In fact, the
readme is not even needed, except for telling me the path where to put
(and get) the notes. You can also remove the disclaimer warning in the
app I think.

I haven't tried "Load note from the web".

I'm looking forward to seeing some more functionality.

Kind regards,

Op dinsdag 07-04-2009 om 00:54 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Olivier
> Hi,
> I just uploaded tomboy 0.1.0 in launchpad.
> For now its read only, it has minor problems but I think its polished
> enough for wider testing.
> I never tested the installation process I wrote on a real device so if
> someone can review it that would be nice. The application is signed
> using my own private key so it can't screw up with your phone and
> uninstalling is very easy.
> Anyway, if you want, have a look:
> https://launchpad.net/tomdroid/1.0/0.1
> I plan to do an announce and post screenshots on my blog and announce
> to tomboy-announce and tomboy-list later this week.
> Thanks,
> p.s.: the apps might ask for network access permission but it won't
> use the network unless you use the "Load Note from the Web" feature
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