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Web sync branch hurdles


Hi Folks,

I finally got an Android environment set up (sadly, Eclipse just
failed totally in openSUSE, so I'm using my Mac for Android stuff).  I
pulled Benoit's web sync branch and decided to play around and see if
I could get it to work with Ubuntu One.  The first thing I did was to
change the default sync backend pref from "sdcard" to "snowy", because
without a tomdroid directory on the SD card I was getting exceptions
on startup.  Then I replaced the signpost jar files with the latest
1.1 jar files I could find, since supposedly they contain OAuth 1.0a
support.  The last thing I did was to change the oauth consumer pair
constants from "tomdroid"/"tomdroid" to "anyone"/"anyone".

With these changes I was able to get pretty far in the authentication
process, but not far enough.  When the callback URL (tomdroid://sync)
was called by the browser, it seemed like a new Tomdroid instance came
up (or at least, the welcome message was shown again), and then
nothing happened.  At this point I'm kind of out of time to keep
digging in today, but really I'm just not sure what the expected
behavior is when running Tomdroid from the web sync branch, in the
emulator, starting with an empty SD card.

If anyone has any tips, that would be great, as I'm planning to look
into this again next weekend.


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