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Re: Web sync branch hurdles


On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 1:58 PM, Sandy Armstrong
<sanfordarmstrong@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I finally got an Android environment set up (sadly, Eclipse just
> failed totally in openSUSE, so I'm using my Mac for Android stuff).  I
> pulled Benoit's web sync branch and decided to play around and see if
> I could get it to work with Ubuntu One.  The first thing I did was to
> change the default sync backend pref from "sdcard" to "snowy", because
> without a tomdroid directory on the SD card I was getting exceptions
> on startup.  Then I replaced the signpost jar files with the latest
> 1.1 jar files I could find, since supposedly they contain OAuth 1.0a
> support.  The last thing I did was to change the oauth consumer pair
> constants from "tomdroid"/"tomdroid" to "anyone"/"anyone".
> With these changes I was able to get pretty far in the authentication
> process, but not far enough.  When the callback URL (tomdroid://sync)
> was called by the browser, it seemed like a new Tomdroid instance came
> up (or at least, the welcome message was shown again), and then
> nothing happened.  At this point I'm kind of out of time to keep
> digging in today, but really I'm just not sure what the expected
> behavior is when running Tomdroid from the web sync branch, in the
> emulator, starting with an empty SD card.

Okay, I couldn't resist looking a bit more into this once I realized
that Tomdroid *was* probably handing the tomdroid://sync URL, even
though the auth process still failed.  When asked to convert the
request token into an access token, U1's response does not contain a
copy of the access token.  If I ignore this error and assume that
access really was granted and that it's just a mistake in the server
response, note sync still ends up failing with a 404 when attempting
to access U1's URL for the user resource.  So either auth really
didn't complete successfully, or something else is going wrong.

I'll report more as I continue digging.


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