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Re: tomdroid's storage-redesign && what do we want to keep in the database as a note?


Sorry for reviving an old thread.

First, just want you to know that I went the regexp way, note-content is
separated from metadata and everything is stored separately. No storing of
the whole note in the database.

On Sat, Nov 21, 2009 at 10:25 AM, Sandy Armstrong <
sanfordarmstrong@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm not sure what you mean here about add-ins metatags.  Can you
> explain more?  Add-ins can't add new top-level tags to a Tomboy .note
> file, but they can add new tags within the <note-content> element.

I didn't know about that. Well that's good to know.

> There is no full note encryption support in any client.  I think it's
> a waste of time to design for something that doesn't yet exist.


To my defense, I thought something did exist in that area, that's why I was
planning for it and asking out loud on the list.

> When using web sync (which I really think will be the primary method
> people use), you will have to parse note XML into JSON requests, and
> JSON requests into note XML.  Tomboy has to do it and it's not fun,
> and is an obvious place where bugs may show up.  If you assume that
> most people will use web sync and not manual transfer of .note files,
> then optimizing for that path makes sense to me.

> Of course, my assumption could be wrong.

Oh I don't think so, web sync will be the way! When you start getting used
to using the Internet everywhere, there is no going back ;)

> > 2- Forget about xml parsing just regexp out the note-content portion then
> > parse the rest of the note. Or just use an xml lib that allows to extract
> > part of the raw xml structure (or find the way to do it in Sax).
> We use proper XML parsing to get to <note-content>, then we use
> regular expressions (see the websync add-in) to remove the title from
> there, because as I mentioned in my other email, the title is not part
> of note-content in the JSON object.
> We did all of this work of breaking the note up into a nice JSON
> object so the only XML was pure content, in the hope that it would
> make everything easier for new clients.  It definitely makes things
> easier on the web, and I hoped it would also make things easier for
> Tomdroid.

Sounds like the right way to do it.

Benoît and I will be looking to merge his web-sync branch into main soonish.
So you'll be hearing about me if I think you gave us too much work on the
client side. ;)

Thanks Sandy for your help.
Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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