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Re: [tomboy-list] tomdroid's storage-redesign && what do we want to keep in the database as a note?


Olivier Bilodeau wrote:
Do you keep <note-content> or discard it? Right now I'm keeping it because the parser doesn't throw an exception that way.

I´m also keeping <note-content>.

Yes, had the same problem with SAX but I was able to work-around it, turns out there are options for that but it took me a little while to figure that out.

I´m using libxml2 and couldn´t find anything, but I´m glad it works for you.

Well, your regexp is probably pretty tight and, anyways, we all have to get pragmatic sometimes. Conboy is definitely something you can be proud of. Nice job with the website by the way! Awesome! (others, check this out: http://conboy.garage.maemo.org/)

Thanks :) But the website was not done by me. Someone from the Maemo community did it.

And thanks for sharing the sqlite vs. files insights. If I get performance issues, I now know what to do. I really like that we have Tomboy compatible clients on so many platforms already and once the syncing is working properly with all clients, it will really be awesome!

Keep up the great work!