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Hi there from germany & sync feature development


Hi folks,

I'm very interested in tomdroid development because I'm using tomboy
very extensive on my desktop/netbook and just bought an android phone.
So I just found tomdroid and joined this mailing list.
Most important for me is to be able to sync from u1 to my phone and
after editing is working, syncing back would be great :).

I'm a student of computer science and have some experience with java
(desktop), git and bugs+translation in launchpad, but never worked
with bzr nor developed something on android.

I hope, that I can help in getting a reliable sync feature to
tomdroid. I read a bit in the mailing list archives and checked out
the web-sync branch.

Before I jump into that now, is that the right place to start?
Who is working on it already?
Are there any plans on it already? (I found the blueprint [1])
Is there something else I should read or know?

Kind regards


[1] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/tomdroid/+spec/webdav-pull

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