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Re: Hi there from germany & sync feature development


Hi Kev,

> I'm very interested in tomdroid development because I'm using tomboy
> very extensive on my desktop/netbook and just bought an android phone.
> So I just found tomdroid and joined this mailing list.
> Most important for me is to be able to sync from u1 to my phone and
> after editing is working, syncing back would be great :).

Great. We share the same goal.

> I'm a student of computer science and have some experience with java
> (desktop), git and bugs+translation in launchpad, but never worked
> with bzr nor developed something on android.

I'm a professional Android Developer from Berlin, Germany and lately
choose to do some fun coding for the Tomdroid project. I've started to
tackle the Sync-UI bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/tomdroid/+bug/549643
to warm up.
Happily me and my girlfriend just had become a family five days ago. So
my spare times are down to zero for the moment. But I do not intent do
drop my efforts entirely.

> I hope, that I can help in getting a reliable sync feature to
> tomdroid. I read a bit in the mailing list archives and checked out
> the web-sync branch.
> Before I jump into that now, is that the right place to start?
> Who is working on it already?
> Are there any plans on it already? (I found the blueprint [1])
> Is there something else I should read or know?

I would love to see my UI improvements at
https://code.launchpad.net/~trappe/tomdroid/sync-ui (which is a fork of
Benoit's web-sync brach) some day merged back. You could help by
installing my version to your phone and do some bug hunting. Please give
me feedback about how you like it. I just fuddled with the UI and error
handling, so all web-sync stuff is working as before.

If bug #549643 is done, I'd like to start with "Two-way
synchronization" (https://bugs.launchpad.net/tomdroid/+bug/549647). 

I've not checked the current state of "editing" Notes. There seems to be
no code to do this in the web-sync branch and I could not find a bug for
it either. Maybe someone could give us a pointer to find the right
branch. It's good to make sure the code is not diverging too much.

Best regards,


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