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Hello, and help!



You may have noticed that I recently added a branch to Tomdroid called
freshen-ui. This was my first time at both Android development and using
bzr, so I have probably done both wrong! Oh well, I'll learn...

I branched from the web-sync branch, as this is the only way I can use the
app day-to-day - my notes are on the web - I hope this isn't a problem. Web
sync seems to be working fine for me by the way.

Anyway, the reason I created the branch was because I wanted the app to look
a bit more like the desktop version of Tomboy. To this end, I made the list
of notes have alternating white and light grey rows, and included the
modified date. The view note screen also has a light background and larger
font size. Hopefully you'll find it easier on the eyes.

I also made it sort by modified date, as this is the view I use most, and I
believe is the default on the desktop app, although I may be mistaken on
that. I know that this might not be everybody's preference though, so I
attempted to add a new preference to the settings menu. It seems to save the
option you choose (title or date), but I am struggling to make it refresh
the ListView on changing the preference. I tried calling the
getListAdapter() method and the cursor seems to be re-created using the new
sort order, but the ListView doesn't reflect it. Does anyone have any tips?
A lot of things on the net seem to say you should use
notifyDataSetChanged(), but this only applies to ArrayAdapters.

In future I am hoping to add push-pins to keep favourite notes at the top of
the list (a bit like the Tomboy system tray menu).

I also want to add a search box at the top of the list, but I saw someone
worked on that already. What is the best way to combine that work with mine
for development purposes? I don't want to duplicate effort by writing it
myself when someone has already done it, but also don't want to work on that
feature independently from what I'm working on. I assume this kind of thing
is possible with bzr, but maybe I'm not being realistic?

Oh, I also played around with the icon a bit. The android figure now has a
white border. The white kind of merges with the yellow a bit, but it's a
little bit better than before.