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Re: Snowy Markdown support WAS: Looking for a driver for the next few releases / months


On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 8:34 PM, Olivier Bilodeau
<olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> By the way, we may be implementing server-side markdown support in
>> Snowy.  We're not sure yet if client-side or server-side or both makes
>> the most sense.  But we'll keep you guys informed after the Snowy
>> Hackfest next month.
> Oh I didn't know what Markdown was and completely overlooked your comment
> thinking it was note-pinning (don't ask me where I got that..).

Ah, sorry, should have been more clear about that!  I know the github
fans out there knew exactly what I meant. :-P

> Anyway, with the snowy-list conversation I looked it up (markdown) and it's
> exactly the kind of thing I was planning to do with Tomdroid first since
> rich editing is a completely different beast..
> However, looking at it quickly, markdown is incompatible with some of
> Tomboy's formatting characteristics. For example: text size would probably
> be implemented as headings but markdown's headings are line based (imply a
> newline terminator to mark end of formatting) while Tomboy's aren't.

Yes, there are *many* incompatibilities and we will need to think long
and hard about what we want to do here.  Leon has started work on it,
and we will discuss it in extreme depth at the Snowy Hackfest.

We may grow our own Markdown-derived format, or degrade notes once
they are edited using Markdown, or...well, I don't really know yet,
and haven't put a lot of time into thinking about it.

> Anyway, just some things to think about and wanted to let you know that I'm
> very interested in what you guys will come up with after the hackfest.

Great!  We'll be looking for lots of input from you guys, our users,
and other interested folks.  I expect markdown support will be a
"preview" feature with frequent changes for the rest of this cycle.