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Tomdroid 0.5.0 released!


Hi everyone,

I have the pleasure to announce Tomdroid's 0.5.0 release!

This [again] long overdue release is the culmination of several interesting
things including (but not limited to): searching for notes, sending notes,
an updated high-resolution icon and several parsing fixes and overall

It is *not* intended to be an android market release yet as we would like to
get feedback from people who reported note parsing errors and we would like
to see some testing done in our little community first.

Tomdroid is a Tomboy compatible wikiwiki note-taking application for
Android. Right now it's a tomboy note viewer but soon it should be
considered a full tomboy client for android (we hope).

Tomdroid's project page: http://www.launchpad.net/tomdroid/

This latest release is available at:
https://launchpad.net/tomdroid/+download. Point your Android browser over
there and click on the top .apk file. Alternate installation instructions
are available in the README file.

Version 0.5.0 - "long delayed because of fatherhood release" released on

* Search within notes from Tomdroid and system integrated search (Stefan
* Add a context menu with the ability to send a note (Edouard Richard)
* Several usability improvements (Stefan Hammer)
* Higher quality icons including brand new Tomdroid icon (Stefan Hammer,
* Added UI feedback for "selected" and "pressed" events (Stefan Hammer,
* List indentation increased + wrapping fix (Matthew Rasmus, lp:660116)
* Parsing fixes regarding bullet lists (Matthew Rasmus, lp:697996)
* Improved error handling and reporting (Benoit Garret, lp:660057,
* Date on the note list is now displayed according to the phone's locale
(Matthew Rasmus, lp:659743)
* Fixed SD card synchronization crashing on large note collections (Thomas
Frenzel, lp:534213)
* Fixed a crasher when sending a short note (Stefan Hammer, lp:800176)
* More content can be translated (Benoit Soyeux)
* New German translation (Stefan Hammer)
* Updated French translation (Benoit Soyeux)

If you encounter any problems please open up a bug report at

If you want to provide any additional help (translation, code, website,
testing, publicity, etc.) feel free to subscribe to the tomdroid-dev mailing
list and propose help: https://launchpad.net/~tomdroid-dev

In this cycle, a new contributor made a lot of valuable contributions to the
project and offered to join the maintainers. It's with great pleasure that
we welcome Stefan Hammer as part of the tomdroid maintainers!

Thanks for your patience and I hope you'll enjoy our latest release!

Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>