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New Feature Graphic suggestion - Comments welcome!



Today I did a Feature Graphic for the Android Market and I wanted to
hear your opinion.
I kept it really simple and clean. Everything is changeable. So if you
do not like a colour, the shadows or the gradient please tell me. Also
if you have better suggestions, please comment!

The specs are following:

    * *Feature Graphic (Optional):*
          o Use: The featured section in Android Market. Will be
            downsized to mini or micro.
          o Specs: 1024w x 500h, 24 bit PNG or JPEG (no alpha) with no
          o Tips:
                + Use a safe frame of 924x400 (50 pixel of safe padding
                  on each side). All the important content of the
                  graphic should be within this safe frame. Pixels
                  outside of this safe frame may be cropped for
                  stylistic purposes.
                + If incorporating text, use large font sizes, and keep
                  the graphic simple, as this graphic may be scaled down
                  from its original size.
                + This graphic may be displayed alone without the app icon.

For the "Tomdroid" characters I have chosen the Android-green and the
Tomboy-yellow and gray. The icon is our new icon tuned a little bit
and the gradient is just a light effect from above.


Attachment: Feature_Graphic.png
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