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Re: Roadmap for the next release


> Today I was wondering, how the roadmap looks like for the next release(s).
> The last release on launchpad (0.5) is now out for testing quite a while
> and it seems, that it does not produce any severe bugs.
> So my question is, how we want to continue?! Do we want to make a minor
> (0.5.1) release with as many bug fixes as possible, or should we focus
> on new features.

I maintain a TODO in the repo inside doc/dev/TODO (
0.5.1 or 0.6 we'll see:
- note date adjustement loggers should be behind if (Tomdroid.debug == true)
- lp:766225 - Authenticating with U1 gives a "please check the address you
entered" error on HTC Desire
- lp:533933 - Sync folder does not remove messages from db
- lp:724641 - Links break randomly
- lp:689443 - NullPointer in SD Card Sync

My plan was to fix these (at very least 766225) then release 0.5.1 wait 1
week then do a market release. Unfortunately my semester is fully kicked-in
right after the 0.5 release so I haven't done any of that work. Now I have
35 copies of the mid-semester exam to correct and it'll take my whole
week-end away, then a conference, and new class material to create (plus my
40hr/week and the baby).. </whining>

So since I can't put in more work in tomdroid for the time being, no one is
obliged to follow my "plans". Do as you please but if you go with a big
cycle, I'll push 0.5 on the market. That I can do.

> A long, desperately wished functionality is for example the
> two-way-sync. Therefore a branch already exists, but it needs to be
> updated to Tomdroid 0.5. I tried to do so, but failed with not knowing
> if "guid" should be kept as UUID (two-way-sync branch) or be changed to
> a string (as it is in the main branch now).

guid should be a string. We were being strict about it (UUID) but U1 is not
(generating invalid UUIDs) so we relaxed the constraint to a string.
Actually, it's a U1 guy (Stuart Langridge of LugRadio fame) that did it.

> In my opinion, it is important to get a new release for the market in
> the near future.
> What do you think is important and should be done for the next release(s)?

I say 0.5.1 with lp:766225 fixed because I get a lot of emails about
U1/snowy is broken but can't help because they can't provide relevant info
w/o installing the SDK and tracing (which I don't want users to have to do).

That said, I won't do anything so don't listen to me! :)

Thanks Jango for your great work!
Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>