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Introducing Me


Hey tomdroid team,

I'm Patrick Schlesiona from Germany and want to support the tomdroid Project. But i have to admit that this is my first collaborate project, respectively open source project. I am experienced in Java Programming and just made some Hello World Android apps, looked through the Android SDK examples. I'm sorry for burden you with my getting into the collaborate Project Development, but I will try to solve all problems, related to the collaborate work, on my self. ;)

My further plans for the beginning are to solve some bugs and work up to more complex problems or new features.

So, are there some open bug fixing wishes? Otherwise i will take a look at the Bug #689439 NullPointer in Preferences.

Patrick Schlesiona

Just forgot to say that I love tomboy and a full working tomdroid would be a dream for me. 
There are also no good looking and useable Note apps on the Market.

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