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Re: Introducing Me


Hi Patrick,

I don't know how much you already know about Launchpad and bazaar (the
version controlling system)...
Since a long time I wanted to write a blog entry how to get started in
developing tomdroid/open source on launchpad, but it is not finished
yet. I just have a draft with links I can share at the moment (see bottom).

In general, you can just pick a bug from
https://bugs.launchpad.net/tomdroid, but at the moment (as we try to get
0.5.1 read) it would be better to grab one listed here:
The ones tagged with "In Progress" are already taken, but the others are
free. Maybe ask Olivier if it is ok to take the bugs assigned to him. I
think he does not have that much time to fix them.

Further, we always create one branch to fix one bug. This way is the
easiest to review. If you think, that you have fixed the bug properly,
just fill a merging request and it will get merged.

It is also really important that you always share what you want to do,
before you are starting it. e.g. assigning a bug to yourself and marking
it as "In Progress". This helps to coordinate everything. Also, if
something could be done in various ways it maybe is better to discuss it
on irc before implementing it.

I also love tomboy and getting two way synchronisation for tomdroid done
would be the first goal after 0.5.1. There is already a branch from
Rodja, but it is not possible to merge it anymore. Someone will have to
rewrite it.
I would also prefer to have all the synchronisation automatically done
by an Android service. Maybe it is easier to do this before getting the
two way sync... I don't know.

If you have further questions, just ask at irc!


How to get started:

install bazaar


log into launchpad.

create ssh key, upload to launchpad site


log in with launchpad plugin bazaar: bzr lp-login

make local branch of tomdroid.

in launchpad add yourself to the tomdroid developer group and subscribe
to the mailing list.

now what? already installed the android sdk and eclipse?


eclipse should be packed in the repositoriey, windows user can get it here:



eclipse plugin installieren. create a virtual device.


import project into eclipse and run it for the first time in the virtual

try to make some changes in strings... /res/string.xml can you spot them
after running the new version?

if everything works, you can start developing.

see the todo list in the source dev, have a look at blueprints, grab a
task and try to fix it. 

also more than appreciated: fix a bug. but this is probably harder if
you don't know the code.

need help? IRC: #tomdroid on freenode.

On 26/02/12 19:54, Schles wrote:
> Hey tomdroid team,
> I'm Patrick Schlesiona from Germany and want to support the tomdroid Project. But i have to admit that this is my first collaborate project, respectively open source project. I am experienced in Java Programming and just made some Hello World Android apps, looked through the Android SDK examples. I'm sorry for burden you with my getting into the collaborate Project Development, but I will try to solve all problems, related to the collaborate work, on my self. ;)
> My further plans for the beginning are to solve some bugs and work up to more complex problems or new features.
> So, are there some open bug fixing wishes? Otherwise i will take a look at the Bug #689439 NullPointer in Preferences.
> Greeting
> Patrick Schlesiona
> PS:
> Just forgot to say that I love tomboy and a full working tomdroid would be a dream for me. 
> There are also no good looking and useable Note apps on the Market.
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