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0.5.0 pushed on the market


Coming back to life to look at Noah's great work and give tomdroid some

I just pushed 0.5.0 (released in 2011-09) to the market. Now I'm going to
take a look at Noah's branch and decide if I release what accumulated since
0.5 or not.

Please post here or come on IRC (#tomdroid on irc.freenode.net) to
influence me in a way or another.

Here's the changelog so far since 0.5.0:

* Fix crash when authenticating a server URL containing line breaks (Stefan
Hammer, lp:902855)
* SD card synchronisation now removes deleted messages from Database
(Stefan Hammer, lp:533933 )
* Can specify folder for SD Card Sync (ie: dropbox) (Stefan Hammer,
* Creating home-screen shortcuts to notes is now possible (Piotr Adamski,
* Reload current Note after sync (Stefan Hammer, lp:675117)
* Tons of new translations by the awesome Translators on Launchpad:
   ar: Youssef Habri
   ast: ASTUR2000
   ca: Antonio Vicién Faure
   cs: Jan Dolejš
   da: Mads Boserup Lauritsen
   de: Henrik Graßhoff, Stefan Hammer
   en_GB: Vibhav Pant
   es: Alicia García Adames, Clemens Niesner, Fitoschido, JoLiSh, João
   eu: Asier Iturralde Sarasola
   fo: Jógvan Olsen
   fr: Léo POUGHON
   gd: alasdair caimbeul
   hi: Vibhav Pant
   hu: Péter Trombitás
   it: Michele Galimberti, nicoelba
   ja: Koichi Akabe
   ko: MinSik CHO
   pl: Piotr Adamski, Hubert Schlussarz Ślósarski, Łukasz Serafinowski
   pt_BR: João Santana, eniomarconcini
   pt: Sérgio Marques
   ru: Bernhard Hauer, Ivan Akulov, Mirzaeva Asalle, Vyacheslav Sharmanov
   sv: Daniel Ruus, stoft
   te: Praveen Illa
   tr: Mesut Yaver
   ug: Sahran
   uk: Mirzaeva Asalle
   zh: Isabel Heger
* Switched to the Launchpad Translation Platform (Stefan Hammer)
* New Japanese translation (Koichi Akabe)
* New Polish translation (Piotr Adamski)
* Under the hood changes (Piotr Adamski)

But i'm not quite satisfied with these items just yet:
- lp:766225 - Authenticating with U1 gives a "please check the address you
entered" error on HTC Desire
- lp:533933 - Sync folder does not remove messages from db
- lp:724641 - Links break randomly

Opinions / rants / or plain 'I hate you, you ruined my life' comments

Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>