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Tomdroid 0.7.1 beta "Fast paced" released!


Second in this new series of betas 0.7.1 "Fast paced" is just out. A ton of
fixes and improvements since last week's 0.7.0. Stefan and Noah are driving
this car at full speed!

It is *not* intended to be an android market release yet as we would like
to get feedback and testing done in our local community first.

Tomdroid is a Tomboy compatible wikiwiki note-taking application for

Tomdroid's project page: http://www.launchpad.net/tomdroid/

This latest release is available at:
https://launchpad.net/tomdroid/+download. Point your Android browser over
there and click on the top .apk file. Alternate installation instructions
are available in the README file.

Tomdroid 0.7.1 beta - "Fast paced" released on 2012-08-21

* Actionbar for all versions of Android
* Converted format bar to sliding drawer
* Added progress bar and toast notifications to preferences
* Cosmetic improvements and bug fixes with conflict resolution
* Added cancel button to sync
* Fixed revert all for deleted notes
* Added routine to avoid full sync if server revision is old (only push
changed notes)
* Set note content entry type to "sentence caps"
* Usability and cosmetic improvements (lp:1038118, lp:1038352)
* bug fix lp:1038115 (beta) do not scroll list to top after deleting a note
* bug fix lp:1038119 (beta) syncing is not smart :)
* bug fix lp:1038352 tapping on blank area should go to end of line
* bug fix lp:1038769 Typo in the string #41
* bug fix lp:1038968 NullPointerException on SD Card sync with notes
causing parse error

If you encounter any problems please open up a bug report at

If you want to provide any additional help (translation, code, website,
testing, publicity, etc.) feel free to subscribe to the tomdroid-dev
mailing list and propose help: https://launchpad.net/~tomdroid-dev

Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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