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Re: [Snowy] Tomdroid 0.7.0 "House of Fun" released!


On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 7:10 PM, Jeff Schroeder <jeffschroed@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> This sounds awesome! Has it been tested on Android tablets by chance? I've
> got the original Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and would love to play with this.

Yes and it works!

> I think this is also what I needed to kick my ass into hacking on snowy
> some more.

Glad to hear that! There's definitely quite some interest for an improved
free (as in speech) note syncing story for linux desktop and android

22,670 total user installs
6,073 active device installs

And that's for a 2011-09 released read-only Tomdroid. With read / write I
expect the active users number will rise.

Right now, with U1 the story is really mixed. We often encounter errors
without details and the 'server status' doesn't reflect reality.. Snowy
(Tomboy-Online) could definitely do better in that area.

Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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