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Re: Losing Notes


On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 1:49 AM, NoahY <noahy57@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just a note (no pun intended) that I have lost two notes now by syncing from
> Tomdroid (which pushes the note to Ubuntu), then syncing from Tomboy (which
> for some reason deleted the note from Ubuntu), than again syncing from
> Tomdroid (which deletes the note from Tomdroid).
> I made some modifications in the latest revisions, so maybe it is fixed; on
> the other hand, maybe it is worse.  The documentation on how to push
> revision numbers is not very helpful, and I can't find any documentation on
> how to use the "&since=" attribute for REST requests, so maybe someone out
> there can do some experimenting and let us know how it works.  I may not
> have much more time to work on this project.

Documentation on the REST API is here:

It includes documentation of "since".


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