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Hackfest update!


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As you may have heard, the GNOMEdotNET Hackfest ist starting today
(https://wiki.gnome.org/Hackfests/dotNET2013) and I am participating.
This is the perfect occasion to talk to the Rainy developer (Tomboy
sync server), to the Tomboy developers and so on.

I hope, I can get the sync a little bit rewritten to support revision
numbers instead of time-stamps and the richtext editor more bugfree.
The new sync then will use the Tomboy local sync folder structure and
the manifest.xml which will make it easy to enable Dropbox, GDrive,...
support :-)

There are several discussions to switch to the Xamarin Android
Platform for several reasons:
*) We could reuse the Tomboy library written in C#, which has all the
main features included like sync, note-format, database handling,...
*) We still can use our existing xml layouts and just need to write
the UI parts, which we have to rewrite anyways when switching to
fragments (as our current code is a mess)
*) We can re-use all our strings, etc...
*) We would get free licenses for free to use Xamarin Android

The downsides are:
*) It is C# code then
*) You need to use Xamarin Studio, which is nice but not Android
Studio or Eclipse and which needs a license to get an apk out. So in
general, it will be hard to get contributors that just pass by.
So the license thing is a huge problem then.

In conclusion, switching to Xamarin Android will make the app much
better, as we can take advantage of the Tomboy library and all the
core parts sitting in there. However, it is really bad to rely on
(free) licenses when developing open source software - a part that I
don't like at all.

Whats your opinion on this?

Greetings from the Hackfest in Vienna - I will start coding right now,
- - Stefan

@Olivier: Do you want to share the signing key? I could use it for the
new beta release (or even a stable, if testing goes well)
Thanks :-)

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