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Re: ToriOS and OBI


2014-02-08 19:16, Ali Linx skrev:
> Hi Nio,
> Hope this email will find you well :)
> I guess you're very busy these days that you didn't yet put your hands
> with ToriOS ;)
> I'd like to ask you since you're the founder of OBI :)
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/torios/+spec/default-installer
> Is it correct that OBI is not useful with ISO files?
> Obviously, we are going to have an ISO file and on the above Blueprint,
> we need to find out what 'Installer' are we going to use and as I
> promised ages ago that I will try OBI and haven't yet (you know I have
> no time), to keep my promise, I had a thought to make OBI the default
> installer for ToriOS but as per the whiteboard, it might not be possible.
> We need you to enlighten us :)
> Thank you!
Hi Ali and all [other] fellow torios,

The OBI itself is a package of shell scripts and the 'dialog' software
package. Now it is run in 'an installed system' which is portable, and
is normally installed in USB pendrives. It needs writeable media and
file-systems, so it cannot run in the standard live ISO way from CD/DVD.
The ISO 9660 file system is read-only.

I have been talking to Jörn about installing the OBI into a system that
can be converted to an ISO file for a 'normal' live system. Such a
system would satisfy your requirements, but we are not there yet. So if
you have to decide the installer for Tori now or soon, the answer is
*no* the OBI is not a candidate to install it.

Best regards

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