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Re: ToriOS update


Hey Nio,
On 01/07/2016 11:21 PM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
> Den 2016-01-08 kl. 00:14, skrev Israel:
>> 1) Ubuntu IP
>> [ there might be a few in here if we need to rebase on Debian or Arch or
>> LFS :P ]
>> Since Ali is an Ubuntu member I am sure he can chat with whomever would
>> be able to find out the answer to our situation here....
> I think Ali would have a fair chance to succeed that way. But only he
> can decide, if he wants to ask.
> (As 'staff emeritus' at the Ubuntu Forums, I am also an Ubuntu member,
> and could ask, but I don't know any person at Canonical in charge of
> legal issues. I don't think being an Ubuntu member makes much difference
> in this case.)
Well, I am not any part of it, so I didn't know... it seems like you'd
have more connections that way :D
>> 2) ISO
>> Should we use Precise?  April is VERY soon.  Maybe we should rebase on
>> something else that supports PAE flag?  And will not go out so soon?
> Hi Israel,
> Precise end of life is April 2017, there are 15 months to go, but it is
> shrinking rapidly.
Indeed.... The main problem for me with this is that the computer I was
doing the work for Precise on died, so I will need to do some work to
get that back in action.
> Some old hardware will be excluded in Trusty, because of the drivers (I
> think the main problem would be drivers for old graphics chips.)
> We could at least consider rebasing. I had expected that it would be a
> lot of work to get everything working as well as it is working now with
> Precise, but only you know.
I am actually in the testing process for Debian.  After the 'IP'
discussion I decided it would be a wise idea to at least test and see if
it is even possible.  So I am trying to build a liveCD based on Debian
using ToriOS.  If it does work then the Tarball should be the same.  The
ISO is all scripted and requires little input from me, so It is a good
place for me to start since I am busy :)
> -o-
> Can you think of ToriOS not delivered as an iso file, but as scripts
> plus a manual?
Sure.  We have that one script.  I could update it and make it expanded
to include other releases and work for Debian (assuming my tests go well)
> The manual would describe how to install a basic text only system from
> an Ubuntu mini.iso or Ubuntu Server iso file, and in that system install
> a few PPAs and then create ToriOS. Not difficult for people who have
> used linux before, or can follow a manual step by step :-)
> This would be 'tweaking Ubuntu' according to a community wiki page and I
> cannot see that it would be in conflict with Ubuntu's (Canonical's)
> terms of use, intellectual property statements etc.
> I'm sure ToriOS will be available to more people, particularly beginners
> (who come from Windows), when delivered as an iso file or as a tarball,
> or as a compressed image file, but all these are subject to Ubuntu's
> terms of use as it is now, when we use compiled code from Ubuntu's
> repositories.
> Best regards
> Nio
>> 3) website