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Re: download fails


Den 2017-01-05 kl. 18:22, skrev Nio Wiklund:
Den 2017-01-05 kl. 18:05, skrev George DiceGeorge:
from http://torios.top/download/

[Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at phillw.net.]



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Hi George,

Phill is revamping his server, and it takes time to get the new setup
running correctly. If you need this iso file,


we can consider alternatives, for example to create a torrent.

Best regards

Hi again George and others, who might want ToriOS-1.0.iso,

Temporarily, you can get it via the attached torrent file (if you get it). Please check the md5sums:

$ md5sum ToriOS-1.0.iso.torrent
3b141e40e78791953f32e7f2d501346c  ToriOS-1.0.iso.torrent

$ md5sum ToriOS-1.0.iso
6758b3099c9650fcb42057c35dc82377  ToriOS-1.0.iso

Let me know if you can receive the attached torrent file, or if some filter will stop it!

Best regards

Attachment: ToriOS-1.0.iso.torrent
Description: application/bittorrent

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