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Re: JWM Settings Manager 2.0


Den 2017-01-29 kl. 17:02, skrev Israel:
Hi everyone,

I have pushed JWM Settings Manager 2.0 into the main repos.

There are some issues that might develop from this, mostly with the
user's desktop menu.  Certain items may no longer work, previous JWM
Settings Manager 1.0 had some serious issues (the desktop background
settings did not work properly) and so there were some problems with a
few other things that required the use of scripts, rather than using JWM
Settings Manager.  The new version is based on a new backend (pugixml)
which handles all the things the old one (tinyxml2) did in a much better
way.  It also supports things the old backend did not.

I would really like testing and feedback on this release, as it works
much better.

Thank you very much!

Hi again,

Is it the attached menu and what it can do, that we should test?

It seems to work for me - but I tested it rather quickly. For example, I could add ztweaks to autostart.

Best regards

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