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Re: JWM Settings Manager 2.0


Den 2017-01-30 kl. 01:47, skrev Israel:
On 01/29/2017 12:47 PM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
Den 2017-01-29 kl. 17:02, skrev Israel:

Hi again,

Is it the attached menu and what it can do, that we should test?

It seems to work for me - but I tested it rather quickly. For example,
I could add ztweaks to autostart.

Best regards

Hi Nio,

Just test anything and everything you can.

Test it all.  I have tried, but you may find something I did not :D

Hi again Israel,

Maybe this is a bug: I could not remove ztweaks from autostart via the menu. (But I could remove it by editing the file, where it is stored.)

I marked ztweaks in the box and clicked the button with the minus sign, but nothing happened. Maybe there is another way to do it?

Best regards

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