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a quick test Torios (jessie) 1.0


Hi, it's fun playing with ToriOS. I also did installed ToriOS (jessie) 1.0 into my hardware,
and it's pretty fast, although it inherits the known issues (3 dots plymouth?).

However, I can see a significant slow launching time with zenity and yad applications.

FLTK (like the manager) is very fast, and this issue make them comparable in response time.

For example, opening torios-volume on both live CD and real hardware takes 3-4 second,
ons 1GB ram pc and 1.73 GHz cpu. It seems like the likely potential cause is, GTK3.

I'm not sure if yad and zenity have the options to run Gtk2 instead of the bloated (and slow in this case), for ToriOS.

Despite all of this rumbling, I may guess it wrong, or maybe there is something wrong with my pc.

PS: I would love if ToriOS have the ability to click using touchpad on laptop.
I have to use the left click button to click something. In virtualbox, I can just normally click using touchpad. Other than that, it is,
what has been described on the website introduction. :)

sincerely, faraco

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