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Re: a quick test Torios (jessie) 1.0


On 02/05/2017 12:58 PM, faraco wrote:
> Hi, it's fun playing with ToriOS. I also did installed ToriOS (jessie) 1.0 into my hardware,
> and it's pretty fast, although it inherits the known issues (3 dots plymouth?).
> However, I can see a significant slow launching time with zenity and yad applications.
> FLTK (like the manager) is very fast, and this issue make them comparable in response time.
> For example, opening torios-volume on both live CD and real hardware takes 3-4 second,
> ons 1GB ram pc and 1.73 GHz cpu. It seems like the likely potential cause is, GTK3.
> I'm not sure if yad and zenity have the options to run Gtk2 instead of the bloated (and slow in this case), for ToriOS.
> Despite all of this rumbling, I may guess it wrong, or maybe there is something wrong with my pc.
> PS: I would love if ToriOS have the ability to click using touchpad on laptop.
> I have to use the left click button to click something. In virtualbox, I can just normally click using touchpad. Other than that, it is,
> what has been described on the website introduction. :)
> sincerely, faraco

Hi Faraco,

I disabled that on default, however you can easily change a large number
of touchpad features from the settings manager.

If everyone thinks we should enable one finger tapping as the left
button by default (as it is in Ubuntu/Debian) it would be easy to do. 
It always seemed to me as though it was a problem for people to have the
mouse clicking when they do not want it to, which is why I disabled the
one finger as left button.

System->Mouse/Touchpad Settings->Tapping

There you can configure, a one finger, two finger or three finger tap.

You can also configure the corners to do something specific.  There are
plenty of options, actually the most options I have seen in any DE, far
more than Gnome or LXDE, XFCE offer.

I hope this helps!