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Re: ToriOS 1.5 Testing ISO


Den 2017-02-26 kl. 23:04, skrev Israel:
Hi all the ISO is now available for testing.



The zsync file is:


Please test all the relevant things you can think of.  This IS OVERSIZED.

IIRC it is 794MiB So this will NOT fit on a CD.  We have some creative
ways to work around this issue, but we need to test things and see how
they all work.

Major areas to test:
Wireless Networking on the Live CD.
JWM-settings-manager on the installed CD.

Basically just run through testing anything you would normally use to
test this.
Do any common (and uncommon) thing you would normally do to test.

Thank you so much!!

Hi Israel,

I tested as usual in my Toshiba laptop.


- black background (no wallpaper)
- no wireless network (or I don't understand how to use the interface).


I can't install. (I tried at the advanced OBI level). I get only one password prompt, and then it states 'The passwords do not match' and returns to a password prompt again.

Best regards

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