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ToriOS and lightweight applications


I ran across a description of ToriOS during a search for something else. 
The description of the ToriOS distribution sounded really intriguing. 
Would like to find out more about it.  I'm currently running Debian on my
desktop computer.  I'm very interested in lightweight applications that do
one thing well.

I would love to compare notes on lightweight applications and to discuss
finding or writing useful, well-written programs with others.  I build a
lot of the programs I use from source.  I also patch Open Source programs
to use later versions of libraries, fix various bugs and memory issues and
add features I might need.  I typically try to send my patches back to the
original developer of a program or library, but some projects are no
longer active.  Would be nice to share customizations with other users.

The ToriOS web site mentioned you needed volunteers.  Would be curious to
know if you need any help with C/C++ programming related issues.  Also,
would enjoy hearing from anyone who would like to discuss lightweight Open
Source applications further.

Best of luck with the ToriOS project.

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