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Re: ToriOS Partitioning in a VM


On 12/08/2017 04:22 AM, Ali Linx (amjjawad) wrote:
> (snipped for space)
> On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 7:44 AM, uaneme <manostienen@xxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:manostienen@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


I have addressed this in the bug report filed on launchpad, as well as
an e-mail I sent directly to you earlier, but will also address it here.

The ToriOS Debian Jessie 1.5 ISO worked fine in my testing.

I used KVM/VMM and partitioned a drive using gparted.

As the instructions say (I do hope they are clear):

root partition is labeled *obi-root*

swap partition is labeled *obi-swap*

This worked for me just fine.  So, I will need more information from you
in order to understand the issue you are facing.

The main information I need is the exact ISO, and the link you
downloaded it from.

Thank you.


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