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manual updates


Hi All

Started work on re-doing the manual in pure latex as this will help people contribute .to this.

I am however using Overleaf which is cloud based, but I can download the whole project to a git hub repository and push. l have a fresh repository for the latex version (will post the url later)

Again happy for this to be pushed to launchpad too.

One question for clarity

ToriOS 1.5 is the latest version
It is based on 
Ubuntu and Debian 

Is this correct.

or are we just  basing ToriOS on Debian.?

I think there is more chance that Debian is going to be supporting i386 for a while later. 

Do we want a section of the Manual to cover the JWM settings manager, or should I just direct people to the JWM website,

The same goes for the install section I would rather keep this to a minimum and direct people to the OBI installer website,  partly as those websites can be kept up to date by the developers.