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JWM Mouse settings + general questions on JWM


Hi All

In a different note to my previous e-mail (however mouse.png is the
offending but also resized screenshot) I noticed on this  has 'Double
Click Delta'.  I am not too sure what this (well 'delta' ) means exactly.

It sets how 'closely you must click to double click' so I would guess by
default you need to be within 2 pixels of the object you're clicking, 
Maybe call this double click border. 

Screen attached to illustrate

Also this dialog is named Touchpad in jWM settings manager but Mouse /
Touchpad within the menu structure which does, have more space but may
confuse people who have a desktop + mouse.  

Again on the Settings manager (parent process) you select an option and
launch that, (which I am guessing would be a child process) however this
kills the parent process,  is this the correct behaviour ? or should the
parent process stay running until closed and run the options as separate
child processes.   In which case I would sort of expect closing a parent
process to also close the child process(es) to avoid that becoming a
zombie as it would i think normally report to parent process it has been

I think that makes sense :)

Hope this helps


Paul Sutton
Twitter : @zleap2018

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