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Re: report bug


On 1/25/19 12:56 PM, Paul Sutton wrote:
> Hi
> just noticed that reportbug from the menu does not do anything.  Running
> from the command line (xterm) it works fine.
> On my debian desktop it runs
> reportbug --exit-prompt --ui gtk2
> I reported an issue earlier to the Debian user list today. As I tried to
> run reportbug on my netbook and it said that
> gir1.2-vte-2.91
> Was missing, I installed it and it works, fine.  So you need the above
> library for it to work as a gui tool.
> With the above execution command, it appears, that if you run without
> the above library, it will (on Debian) default to running an xterm
> window.  Which is handy.
> Hope this helps
> Paul
Hi Paul,

Thanks for catching this issue... it had stumped me, and I had done some
sort of work around at some point... but knowing the full cause is
great, so.. I need to modify debian stretch depends to include


Thanks for catching/solving this issue