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Re: Fwd: Light Distros


On 3/18/19 10:17 PM, Ali Linx (amjjawad) wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Kindly read this email from a good friend of mine. Not sure if some of
> you may know him already or not 🤔 
> Trying to convince him to join us 😉
> Thanks. 
> Ali 
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> From: *Rex Bouwense* <majb@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:majb@xxxxxxxxxx>>
> Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2019, 3:00 am
> Subject: Light Distros
> To: Ali Jawad <amjjawad@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:amjjawad@xxxxxxxxxx>>
> My friend, it has been way too long since I have communicated with you. 
> I do miss your posts and talking to you but that is a topic for another
> time.  In August of 2015 I assisted in creating or should I say
> resurrecting a Linux User Group in Cochise County, Arizona.  We
> currently have 36 members and conduct monthly meetings and quarterly
> Installation Festivals.  Because I had a strong background with Lubuntu,
> we had used that distribution for our "go to" distro when an individual
> would bring in an older or "under-powered" computer for us to install a
> Linux OS on.  As you may be aware, the Lubuntu Team has decided to
> modernize their distribution with the move away from LXDE and to LXQT. 
> I have downloaded and used Lubuntu 18.10 and it simply will not work
> because it requires much more RAM for the user to get a good
> experience.  Since last October my group has been searching the "light"
> Linux operating systems to find a replacement for our "go to" distro
> because Lubuntu 18.04, the last version that used LXDE, will reach EOL
> in April 2021.  We have found that many of the people that come to us
> still have older machines and we do not want to abandon them.  Every
> month one member has given a presentation on the OS that he has been
> assigned to research, use, and critique.  I have subsequently remembered
> that you and your team were developing a new light OS, ToriOS and that
> 1.5 had been released.  Is it still actively being developed and are you
> still the man to talk to?  What we are looking for is an OS that will
> work with older under-powered machines and is relatively easy to learn
> for a Linux novice.  I am wondering if ToriOS just might be that
> distribution.
> Rex Bouwense
Hey Ali,

I think that would be great, however there is still a bit of work to be
done before we could offer a really new up to date version.

*If there is anyone there that wants to help out* (building/testing)
that would be extremely nice.

Most of the new binary apps are ready, but there are still a few things
that need work done.

I have been extremely busy IRL recently, but have managed to do some
stuff little by little.

I actually just made a really basic calendar program (I lifted the code
from fltk-dialog / flek and made my own calendar widget... it has been
modified of course)

So I am well on track to get things transitioned, but still have work
ahead of me.


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