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booting the iso file



While writing the virtual machine manager install guide for the manual
the iso file for ToriOS 1.5 appeared to start up fine.l I then used dd
to create a phyiscal install media,l

as root

dd if=TOrios15.iso of=/dev/sdf status=progress

My debian desktop failed to even mount the device to display in file
manager (confirms write was ok)  I then try and boot it, the screen on
my netbook does not even see the device.

I then created a disk with a different distro and that works fine. As in
displays in file manager.  I know there is nothing wrong with that
device, just when it is a ToriOS boot device.

I will re-download the iso later but it may be worth someone double
checking this.  Can anyone perhaps confirm any issues please.


Paul Sutton
gnupg : 7D6D B682 F351 8D08 1893  1E16 F086 5537 D066 302D

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