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Re: Manual Update 3/4/2019


I can't remember if I have already replied to this but I think this
sounds a good idea,  if we can mirror the Manual then we can update both
versions much easier and hopefully get more contributors.

The contributor shortage to free software overall is really holding
things back,

I found this on the Debian users list


Maybe we need something similar to help with recruitment.


On 04/05/2019 08:19, Paul Sutton wrote:
> On 04/05/2019 07:51, Momozor wrote:
>> Hi
>> This is wonderful. Thanks for creating this manual. :)
>> Also, I found the Gitbook editor with markdown format to be a fine option
>> to write manuals. I used it for writing
>> https://common-lisp-reserve.github.io/solid-design-principles-in-common-lisp/solid-design-principles-in-common-lisp.pdf
>> (which the book content is rather misleading, and I'm working to fix and
>> update it soon).
>> I used the tools here to make the book -
>> https://github.com/common-lisp-reserve/solid-design-principles-in-common-lisp/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md#tools-we-use-to-create-and-maintain-the-books
>> You probably want to checkout Gitbook if you want to consider markdown as a
>> source documentation format for ToriOS. If you are interested, of course.
>> Anyway, thanks again!
>> --
>> Sincerely,
>> Momozor
>> On Wed, Apr 3, 2019, 10:46 PM Paul Sutton <zleap@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I have just updated a manual with a basic section on setting up virtual
>>> machine manager
>>> https://github.com/zleap/ToriosManualv2
>>> Next step is to install in to the new virtual machine and document the
>>> process.
>>> Hope this helps
>>> Paul
> Hi, Momozor
> Thank you for your comments. Pandoc should be able to convert LaTeX in
> to markdown.  We can then import in to gitbook.  I usually use
> stackedit.io (website) to edit markdown as this can save directly to
> github,  but alternatives are always welcome.
> Paul

Paul Sutton
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