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Re: Blog post


On 19/05/2019 17:58, ml@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hope you're open to some feedback. Liked the ending with info on
> Discussions and Feedback. Might be a good idea to mention the mailing
> lists again at this point or if there's another place to give
> community feedback mention those links there. You talked about a need
> for both web based and pdf based documentation. Personally, I do a lot
> of my documentation using straight HTML and CSS and then use tools
> like wkhtmltopdf to convert that to PDF format if needed. If you have
> web based documentation, you can use tools to create a PDF version and
> maintain just one master set of documentation. If you need some
> information on how to use wkhtmltopdf, I wrote up some material on
> that at: http://www.distasis.com/cpp/books.htm I'm just wondering if
> you should soften the language about being 'brave enough to build
> their own system'. This sounds more like LFS and I think ToriOS
> doesn't require that level of knowledge (such as building executables
> from source code). Maybe you can rephrase it or say something like
> customize your own system instead of build it. I think the average
> ToriOS user will just be using apt or synaptic to pick the packages
> they want anyway. Might be worth mentioning that people could also
> help test in Virtualbox or Qemu. They could get screenshots that way
> too. If there's a Docker image of ToriOS somewhere, that's another
> option. Might also be nice if we can get some documentation together
> on what type of development help is needed. I know of several
> lightweight applications (some of which aren't available from the
> Debian archives). I build them from source. Still don't have a good
> method to share the results with anyone else. I even have a couple of
> deb files I created with alien for the Tuxmath mailing list. The
> builds include several bug fixes. No one on the Tuxmath development
> list ever bothered to test if the deb files will even work and the
> patches were never officially integrated since no one's really
> maintaining Tuxmath at this point. (Some files in the deb install
> might need a change of ownership or permission settings changes.) I
> have information on where to download them here:
> http://www.distasis.com/cpp/lmports.htm The version of Tuxmath in the
> deb files uses SDL 2.0, but I can also build with SDL 1.x which would
> probably be even more stable. Some of the packages in the Debian
> archives are hopelessly out-of-date. I always build TiMidity++ from
> source because the Debian archive uses an old version that's missing a
> lot of useful features including better Karaoke midi support. Would be
> nice to find some good methods of sharing programs ToriOS users build
> from source that aren't easily available elsewhere. If ToriOS offers
> software you can't get from other places, it would be one more reason
> why ToriOS is special and unlike any other Linux distribution already
> out there. Best wishes. Laura 
Hi Laura
Good points here. thank you.  I have made a few changes and added some
links to the bottom.

I did suggest testing in virtual box,  so we need to expand on that in a
new post perhaps.


We can add more to this or create subsequent posts with more information
on specific topics.

This is part of the introductory text from torios.top, so if needs
changing there, I just quoted for consistency. but I agree, it does
sound a little technical for beginners

This has confused me a little, sorry

I have installed virtual machine manager, then when I tried to install
ToriOS into a virtual machine it failed not sure where it failed, or if
there is an ISO issue.  which is why we need more testers.

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