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Re: Blog post


On 5/19/19 7:15 AM, Paul Sutton wrote:
> Hi All
> In an effort to get more help with this I have made a blog post on my
> website to describe some of the opportunities available.
> http://zleap.net/torios-how-to-get-involved/
> Hope this is OK,  I like the idea of using Gitbook, as this will help
> with web site based documentation and the LaTeX version I am working on.
> I have therefore mentioned this.
> Not sure if this will make a difference.
> Regards
> Paul
Hi Paul I have 2 blog editorial suggestions:

1. Typo

"List subscriptions re managed from Launchpad. <https://launchpad.net/>"

Should read (most likely) "List subscriptions *a*re managed from
Launchpad. <https://launchpad.net/>"

2. Missing hyperlink

Please sign up to the main list from this page
<https://launchpad.net/~torios> in the first instance.   The main
project page can be found at *(THERE IS NOTHING HERE)*

Other than those typos (happens to all of us) it is really well written
and well thought out, thanks for doing this Paul, I appreciate it!!