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Re: programming languages for ToriOS


On 24/05/2019 23:47, Israel wrote:
> bash
>  - knowledge of dialog programs (yad/zenity/dialog/etc) is helpful
>  - understanding of chroot environments is needed for work on ISOmaker
>  - understanding gettext in scripts would be very beneficial
> c++
>  - fltk is the GUI toolkit used, familiarity with the API will help
> (though it is very straight forward)
>  - pugixml library is used to create menus, and handle all JWM
> configuration changes.
>  - make or cmake knowledge is helpful

Thanks.  I have added a blog post to my site on this


I will also add a section to the manual if I can on the same subject,  I
am however conscious that this is also a user manual, so it should not
stray too far in to this topic.

Feel free to share, and add to our social media and other publicity


Paul Sutton
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