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Re: programming languages for ToriOS


Hi Paul
(inlines below)

On 5/24/19 10:15 AM, Paul Sutton wrote:
> Hi
> What are the main programming languages used for ToriOS?


But there needs to be more information.... so:


 - knowledge of dialog programs (yad/zenity/dialog/etc) is helpful

 - understanding of chroot environments is needed for work on ISOmaker

 - understanding gettext in scripts would be very beneficial


 - fltk is the GUI toolkit used, familiarity with the API will help
(though it is very straight forward)

 - pugixml library is used to create menus, and handle all JWM
configuration changes.

 - make or cmake knowledge is helpful

> Asking as I can try and promote the opportunities for helping but it
> would be a good idea so I can also provide links to where people can
> learn these languages,
> We are not here to teach people programming, however if they want t help
> with the manual we can probably help with using gitbook, latex etc.
> Thanks
> Paul
Thanks Paul for your ongoing efforts all these years, it has really
helped keep us going on track.


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