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Re: [Merge] lp:~oubiwann/txaws/415486-reservation-object into lp:txaws


> [1]
> +    def __init__(self, reservation_id, owner_id, groups=[], instances=[]):
> The default empty list values for groups and instances will be
> inadvertently shared by all Reservation instances that don't provide
> explicit values during instantiation.  I recommend you use None and
> set the value in the body of the constructor as necessary.

Nice catch! Fixed.

> [2]
> +    def test_parse_reservation(self):
> +        ec2 = client.EC2Client(creds='foo')
> +        results = ec2._parse_reservation(sample_describe_instances_result)
> +        self.check_parsed_reservations(results)
> It would be nice to avoid accessing the private _parse_reservation
> method by passing a query_factory to EC2Client that returns a
> FakeQuery.  FakeQuery.submit could return a succeeded deferred and
> you could call ec2.describe_instances to get a Deferred with the
> result you want to make assertions about.

This is interesting. I'm not completely sold on it yet... but I'll create a ticket for this.
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