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Successfully targeting Advertisementat new Ubuntu users


Hello Jono,

As we discussed today in the Q&A with Mark:

<UndiFineD> Question: How does Mark think we can attract 200 mil users
? we need 33 mil this year
<UndiFineD> Question: Does the loco directory collect figures and make
predictions on the amount of users we have ?
<cjohnston|uds> UndiFineD: no
<NewProggie> QUESTION: Are there any news about collaboration with
hardware manufactures, because in my mind there's no chance of
reaching 200 mio users, if I won't be able to go and just buy myself a
computer with ubuntu preinstalled on it
<davidcalle> http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-o/meeting/other-o-sabdfl-community-qa/
<UndiFineD> QUESTION: If Compatibility is the strongest message we can
convey to Windows and Mac users to help them switch, what are we going
to do for that?
<jono> UndiFineD, off-topic, but we are keen to optimize Ubuntu in the
future to help people switch from Windows
<jono> with Wubi
<UndiFineD> jono: hmmm, so nothing we do for photoshop, or tax applications ?
<jono> UndiFineD, nothing specific, no
<UndiFineD> jono, then I have trouble to convince those new users to
make the switch, as critical applications are not supported, and here
comes the governance ... how do we make governments switch ..
<cjohnston|uds> UndiFineD: governance, not government
<jono> UndiFineD, sorry, can we discuss this later
<jono> I am currently running this session
<jono> lets talk later
<UndiFineD> ok
<jono> UndiFineD, many thanks

Wine does wonderful things for Windows applications and I enjoyed
looking at the winetricks presentation today.
However wine is not suitable for all windows applications out there.
For example:
- government: tax reporting applications or customs (douane) declarations.
- propriety software: Adobe, Autodesk, MS Office (maybe)

To be able to sell Ubuntu to new users coming from Windows or Mac, we
need to be able to tell them they can make the switch without hassle.
Compatibility would mean they have no issues in converting current
documents into alternate formats and continue their work without much
I liked that Mark said: 'We need the opensource programs of equal or
better quality than the closed source programs'.

Governments: The Dutch government has an extensive set of softwares
related to taxes and customs (douane). These do not work well with
wine and I think this situation counts for more countries. They need
to be educated and I think Quickly could play a grand role here.
Adobe: Now maybe through contracts you might be able to bring Adobe on
board, I bet they dislike what http://pixlr.com does ;)
Autodesk: I know we have autocad alternatives that can actually read
some of the autocad formats, but I do not know the quality of their
softwares, but autodesk creates more applications.
MS Office: MS Office is more than Word and Excel, users may need to be
able to convert any file format from and to this suite.

I would like to see a roadmap on how we plan to be more compatible
(back an forth document conversion if possible) with Windows and Mac.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Keimpe de Jong

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