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Re: Not much activity .....


Hi Barry,

On 07/27/2011 07:55 AM, Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi there .....  I'm just wondering if anything is happening with Ubuntu
> Advertising?  There seems to have been no activity at all recently.
> Personally, I think with a minimum of support from Canonical, we could
> move things along a great deal.  Can anyone suggest how we might push
> that angle?

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. My son (first) was born last
week so I've been a bit disconnected recently... Now I'm just sleep
deprived :)

Ismail and I are still working on Campaign 1. He had some school work to
take care of first and should continue to make progress on the game.

The brief for Campaign 2 is done.

I'm contacting advertising trade schools (aka "portfolio schools") in
the US to recruit students to help out. I'd like to wait on moving
forward with Campaign 2 until we get some involvement from some of the

> There was a lot of good enthusiastic work on the group initially.  I
> guess we all lost enthusiasm when nothing actually happened.  My view:
> no budget, no active support from Canonical work together to make our
> efforts begin to seem a bit futile.

I think there are lots of things that can be done with no budget.
Canonical is already providing lots of support by defining the brand
parameters. This toolkit is an excellent start and should serve to keep
all Canonical and community messages consistent.

As far as Canonical's marketing efforts, I'd say that their focus so far
has been on the trade. If you were at FISL in Brazil last month, you
might have seen a few billboards around Porto Alegre -
Hopefully consumer marketing is in the near term plan but, in the
meantime, that's where the Ubuntu Adverts team can contribute.