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From: liam livesey <pcwindowsonline@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2011/8/9
Subject: hello
To: contact@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello my name is Liam and I'm writing to you today to help ubuntu
Advertising. For many years now I have been running ubuntu 10.10 /
10.4, I'm loving the work that the ubuntu team do ! But in I see a
little tinny gap. And this is video tutorials to help 'new users' to
ubuntu. Now as we know youtube has about 50,000 videos, but not all of
them are helpfully. This maybe be because the video is in low quality
or person who is doing the tutorials doesn't know what hes doing. I'm
here to make a change to this ! For many years now I have been making
videos to help people with there computer problems. I posted these
videos to youtube, these videos include windows and linux/ubuntu help.
And the point is that when i upload a video about ubuntu I get a lot
for views than windows. This means that new ubuntu users need help
with there problems there facing. And yes you can send them to have a
look at the ubuntu fourms, but some people dont want to read or find
it to complex. So they give up and go back to windows :(

So please check out my tutorials on youtube

And please get back to me :D

from pcwindowsonline / Liam

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Keimpe de Jong