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Re: Using alsa-info in apport


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2012-05-09 16:19, Martin Pitt skrev:
Hello all,

David Henningsson [2012-05-09 15:41 -0700]:
Upstream (Takashi Iwai) has more than once asked for us to use
alsa-info in launchpad, instead of the set of files we currently
So, this would mean that we would remove most of the code in the
attach_alsa() function in apport/hookutils.py, and instead just call
alsa-info.sh and attach the result. PulseList and a few other things
will remain.
That sounds fine to me.

This also means we also ship alsa-info.sh as part of apport, and we
sync that from upstream ALSA when we feel the need to.
Could we just use alsa-info.sh from the ALSA package if it's there?
I'd prefer this for two reasons:

  * It would always be up to date, deliver what upstream wants, and not
    break due to a version mismatch.

  * Everything that goes into the Apport trunk/source package is
    subject to the Canonical CLA.

Ouch, the latter is a bummer.

Researched, and found: alsa-info.sh is shipped in the alsa-driver source package, but currently no binary package. Out of the packages created by alsa-driver, putting it into the "alsa-base" package would make most sense IMO. That package is shipped everywhere.

I'm guessing we're just going to skip alsa-info.sh if alsa-base is not installed. That seems simple enough.

Should I put an action item on myself to fix this? Luke and/or Dan Chen, do you also think this is a good idea?

// David

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