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Re: alsa-driver -> alsa-base transition.


On 10/25/2012 01:20 AM, Luke Yelavich wrote:
Hey folks,
Debian have removed the alsa-driver package, and have created an alsa-bsae package in its place. The 2 big changes that this brings are:
* No alsa-driver source package shipped in any form, since all driver work is now done in the kernel.
* No linux-sound-base related packages, since OSS is no longer shipped in Debian in any form, same with Ubuntu.

The alsa-base package now ships some modprobe.d configuration files, and the /usr/sbin/alsa script.

I meant to get this done in Quantal, but didn't get to it, so for Raring, I will transition us from the alsa-driver source package to the alsa-base source package. As for Ubuntu specific modifications, we may have some changes to the alsa script which I will carry over. Other than that, its just the apport hook. My plan of action is as follows:
* When raring opens, sync alsa-base from Debian.
* Make an upload with our required additions as above.
* Get alsa-base promoted to main.
* Get alsa-driver removed from the archive.

Sounds good to me - go ahead!

David Henningsson, Canonical Ltd.