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Re: Delay pulseaudio startup in GNOME


Hello David,

David Henningsson [2012-11-16 11:30 +0100]:
> It looks like you're the author of this patch [1], adding
> "X-GNOME-Autostart-Delay=8" to pulseaudio.desktop.
> While trying to package a new version of PulseAudio (2.99.1), it
> seems like upstream has added a conflicting change [2], by adding
> "X-GNOME-Autostart-Phase=Initialization" to pulseaudio.desktop.

The main problem I wanted to address was that several application
triggered the autostart of pulseaudio, so that three or four PA
processes were started, of which all but one noticed that the bus name
was taken and then exited themselves. This is a waste of cycles. If
Phase=Initialization helps that as well and avoids autostarting
several more instances, that sounds fine to me as well.

But it seems eventually PA should make up its mind whether it wants to
use library or .desktop file based startup?

So for now it's fine to drop our patch, and then we can look at a
current boot chart. We need to completely reevaluate the current
desktop startup for performance anyway.


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