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Heads up: Bug 1169984 will cause audio problems, especially HDMI


Unfortunately a bug causing kernel memory corruption slipped into the released 13.04 kernel. It is caused by a last-minute patch we backported to try to improve HDMI audio support for Haswell, so upstream kernels are unaffected.

Since it's memory corruption, several symptoms can appear, but the most common seem to be:

* Sound card fails to load at all. Dmesg shows an oops in patch_generic_hdmi

* Sound card loads, but any attempt to access it fails with -19 or -ENODEV.

This concerns HDA Intel cards that have HDMI codecs. Depending on hardware layout, sometimes analog audio and HDMI audio are two codecs on the same card, in which case analog audio can be affected too.


David Henningsson, Canonical Ltd.