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alsa-driver -> alsa-base transition, moving apport files.


Hey folks,
A little while back I was talking to Adam about transitioning from our old alsa-driver package, to Debian's new alsa-base package, which is just a cleanup/transition package, given that kmod and the kernel have all the necessary bits for alsa driver related stuff.

One thing we do have in our alsa-driver package is the alsa-info.sh script, and apport files for filing audio bugs, and we need to find another place for these to live. At first thought, I thought the alsa-utils package, but thats not exactly driver related, and alsa-lib isn't either.

I think the linux package is probably a good place for the apport files at least, but not sure about alsa-info. I would like to hear others thoughts as well, as I am still not entirely sure whether thats a good idea.

P.S. I have CCd Adam, since he will be helping with the transition, and Id like his thoughts as well.



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